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Are you a game lover and you have been enjoying the later version of Football Manager Mobile 2017 (FMM 2017) am now happy to inform you that FMM 2018 APK/IPA has been released recently. The game was launched officially by SEGA and this game is made available mostly for mobile users such as Android and iOS. The essence of the post is to give you some guidelines on how you can download Football Manager Mobile 2018 (FMM 2018) APK/IPA OBB Data with our provided links on this post. Just follow our links and download the game free of charge and enjoy the game with your dream team, set up a tactical squad and enjoy the game by getting to the top of the game in the world with one of the most wanted football management game of the year.

Download Football Manager Mobile 2018 (FMM 2018) (APK/IPA File) for Android/iOS

It is of note that Football Manager Mobile 2018 is the third released version of the game by SEGA and the game built mostly for mobile device, the game has high quality 3D graphics, and some lots of upgrades in this FMM 2018 which all game players will definitely love to explore on their mobile device. One of the upgrade that may interest you, is that players do not necessarily needs to control the player on the pitch and also try in the process to bring the ball into the targeted net but nevertheless in the version of FMM player is given a go ahead to play as a head coach that will lead the team and take them through all the game to win trophies or matches.

Download Links:

FMM 2018 is somehow similar FMM 2017 for the Android version but with series of improvement in the game, it most compatible with different tablets and smartphones, with this latest version at the time of writing this post player can easily pass the FM Mobile competitions without much stress. Most of the top clubs comes from the world round with 17 nations participating in the major European tournaments, with this feature player is granted the opportunity to own one of the world best clubs.
With this version player has the ability to transfer and set up tactics in the Football Manager Mobile 2018 for their Android Smartphones, decides the players to start the game or play that will be in the bench etc. With the advancement of FMM 2018 for Android device more tasked is still going to be implemented but some feature that has been included are boosting rankings, developing players, satisfying fans, and also taking your team to win matches. The game requires 1GB of free memory to install.

Features in Football Manager Mobile 2018
1. Two brand new tournaments
Two new complete licensed has been added to this version that is players can now try luck in Korea and America to be precise.

2. Largest database ever seen
With the size of the database you can now make a selection of up to 21,500 dynamic players, with the ability to give it a good customization through the national tournament.
3. “Refurbished” tactics
There is an improvement in the following players role, modern UI for good visibility to enjoy the game, new team guidelines
4. Upgrade the user interface
There an updates in the UI of the game
5. Improve team reporting
With this features players can now have a clear view of the strengths and weaknesses of the team. In addition, many in-depth charts will highlight the most profitable position for players entering the transfer market.
6. All-Time Best XI – Team of the Year
Now players is now able to assess the current squad strength whether they are capable to battle against All- Time Best XI and make Team of the Year proud

The best features left of FMM 2018
·         The ability to choose a management reputation before starting a career
·         The ability to improve and develop employees with multiple training options
·         The new upgraded Badger Board for the new stadium feature

How to install FMM 2018?
·         Download the APK, IPA and DATA files from the links provided above.
·         Proceed by unpacking the DATA by path Android/obb.

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Are you a dream league soccer (DLS) lover and you have been enjoying dream league soccer 2018 apk mod obb data (dls 18) on your smartphone and you are unware that you can easily enjoy this game with friend of yours. In this post we are going to see how to setup dream league soccer 2018 (dls 2018) apk multiplayer for Android, this procedure also applies to dream league soccer 2017 (dls 2017) apk mod obb data.

To connect device together to be able to play the game on multiplayer mode is made possible with the help of hotspot and Wi-Fi on Android and iOS device and the connection doesn’t require any internet connection, it is just an offline connection which doesn’t require data for connection i.e. it is free connection as long as the device support hotspot, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.


Requirements to Play Dream League Soccer (DLS 2018) Multiplayer Mode on Android

· There is a need for at least two Android device to be connected (and this connection is made possible with the use of Hotspot and Wi-Fi)

· Just as I have said earlier Hotspot and Wi-Fi is required to establish connection.

· At Least Two Players (i.e. Yourself and your friend that you wish to roll the game with)

· Download Dream league soccer 2018 APK Mod OBB Data

How to Set Up Multiplayer Mode On Dream League Soccer (DLS 2018)
1. Make sure that dream league soccer is already installed on your device and also ensure that the Wi-Fi of both device is turned on.

2. Next, connect the two android devices to the Wi-Fi hotspot of the third device to be precise.

3. After the connection has been established, proceed by launching the game on both devices.

4. Also continue by clicking on Dream League Online on both devices (Android smartphones).

5. After then scroll to the bottom corner and tap on Local Wi-Fi.

6. Finally create connection with one of the device and join with the other device.

Congratulations as you have successfully connected in multiple player mode and you can now play Dream League Soccer to trash down your pals on a competition level.


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PES 2018 as one of the top soccer game which is usually enjoyed by most game lovers which has some advanced feature such as advanced graphical interface for great graphics, improvement in the commentary and also player skills and team player is not left out as it was also updated also. Before now must people has been enjoying this game on their device all alone without knowing that they can equally play with a friend using the PES 2018 multiplayer features. In this post we are going to see how to set up multiplayer mod on PES 2018 ISO PPSSPP on Android Device.

Are you still imaging on the possibility of how to play multiplayer on PPSSPP PES 2018 with your friend and well-wishers, if that is what is running down in your mind, don’t bother because we are going to take a step to step guide on how you can easily activate and play Multi-Player Ad hoc mode on PPSSPP emulator. Let us proceed without wasting much time


How to Setup Multiplayer Mode on PES Games
Step 1: Firstly turn on your Hotspot on your device and let the second person connect to your Hotspot using Wi-Fi and ensure that both device is connected on same network.

Step 2: Both users should proceed by launching PPSSPP Emulator from their smartphone, after then Click on SETTINGS>NETWORKING. Tick on Enable Networking/WLAN on The PPSSPP Emulator.

Step 3: Next, proceed to Tap on Pro and Ad Hoc Server IP Address and replace The With this IP Ensure that this steps are carried out on both devices.

Step 4: After carrying all the steps successfully both users should then launch PES 2018 ISO PPSSPP and head to the match, click on Ad-hoc. The first user should go on and create a room name and the other user should search for a room name.

Step 5: After creating the room name as the first user simply wait for the second user to search for the username of the first user and detecting the username, just tap on it to join the user and after joining each other, then proceed by choosing your team and also setup your formation and start enjoying your game with your friend.

Congratulations you have setup PSP multiplayer for PES 2018 ISO PPSSPP on Android. This same procedure also applies to other Multi-Player Games on PPSSPP Such as DLS, PES, Asphalt, FIFA, Mortal Kombat, Tekken etc.

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For those of who have been enjoying the latest version of the game dream league soccer 2017 (dls 2017) and also dream league soccer 2018 (dls 2018) or later version and have been looking for a way to upgrade or change the stadium to their desired choice. If that is your aim, then this post on how to upgrade/change the stadium of dream league soccer 2018 (dls 2018) and dream league soccer 2017 (dls 2017) or later version of DLS is specifically meant for you. Just follow along with the given procedure given on this post and get that done without wasting much time.

·Download ZArchiever app, this mostly needed for you to be able to customize your dream league soccer stadium.

· Also download the stadium files which are given below. Just follow the links provided to download the one of your choice.
Download link of different Stadium
FCB Stadium download link

FCB Stadium

Real Madrid Stadium download link

Real Madrid Stadium

UCL stadium download link

UCL stadium

PSG Stadium download link

PSG Stadium

Manchester City Stadium download link
Manchester City Stadium
Manchester United Stadium download link
Manchester United Stadium
Mexico Stadium download link
Mexico Stadium

Monumental Stadium download link
Monumental Stadium

La Bembenia/Boca Juniors Stadium download link
La Bembenia/Boca Juniors Stadium

Brazil Stadium download link
Brazil Stadium

Chile Stadium download link
Chile Stadium

B.Dortmund Stadium download link
B.Dortmund Stadium

Juventus Stadium download link
Juventus Stadium

A.Madrid Stadium download link
A.Madrid Stadium

B.Munich Stadium download link
B.Munich Stadium

Manchester United Stadium download links

Manchester United Stadium

Note: In the process of downloading the file name is "env.pak" but in case it is not same name don’t hasitate to rename it to "env.pak”.

· Proceed by running ZArchiever.

· Presently in Zarchiever go to Storage/Android/obb/com.firsttouchgames.dl3

· You will find a file '' in the folder.

· Proceed by renaming this file to ''

· Next, click on this file & click on View.

· Search for a folder ’data' by name and also open this folder.

· In the previous folder opened search for a file name 'env.pak'.

· If you find the file just delete it and paste your downloaded "env.pak" as directed previously.

· After all the procedure leave the zip file & rename this zip file to ''

· Finally open your Dream League soccer and check the stadium to see the magic.

I hope this post on How to Change/Upgrade Dream League soccer (DLS) Stadium was really helpful, please just drop a comment if this really work for you and you can also add your own stadium if you found any other stadium that work well for you, so that all the community members will also benefit from.


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