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To convert a video you don’t got to use a pc or a web service. robot (android) devices have become powerful by the day. As such, you'll be able to simply convert any video from one format to the opposite with simply a number of faucets right your robot device.

Video Converter Apps for Android

While most video device for mechanical man have a same layout – you transfer the files and choose Associate in Nursing applicable output format so selecting a save location among their mechanical man directory. however to choose up best video device apps from the pool of average ones, we glance for options like intuitive interface, less or no ads, support for multiple formats etc.

While for desktop user we have a tendency to advocate Handbrake video converter – it’s open supply and works on each Windows and macOS. Below area unit our picks for the simplest free video device apps for mechanical man. Let’s begin.

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1. VidSoftLab – Video Converter

VidSoftLap Video Converter device encompasses a pretty and swish interface that's full of options. Of course, because the post title suggests, it will convert videos between totally different formats like MP4, FLV, MPEG-1,2, MOV, MKV, WMV, AVI, VOB, 3GP, etc., right in your humanoid device. aside from that, you may even be supplied with another helpful tools which will do varied things like cutting, trimming, add flick impact, extract audio from video (useful after you need to extract a sound recording from your favorite video), reverse video impact, etc.

The good issue regarding the app is that it displays all the first videos right the most screen. If you can’t realize the video then choose the “Browse” choice to realize the video you're yearning for. whereas selecting the conversion settings, the app can show you totally different device-specific planned choices like Windows, Android, BlackBerry, Apple, Sony, etc., and specific formats like MP4, 3GP, MKV, etc.

If you can't realize the format you're yearning for, simply choose the “common” choice and also the app can allow you to select the format from a menu on subsequent screen. If you would like to, you'll even decide and select alternative settings like Federal Protective Service, resolution, codec, etc., as needed.

Pricing: the bottom app is free, ad-supported, and a few formats and choices ar latched behind the paywall. To unlock all the choices and acquire eliminate the apps, you wish to get the professional version for around $2.

2. Media Converter

I’ll be the primary one to mention that the interface of Media device sounds like it's nearly a decade previous. however that willn’t matter as a result of the app is basically sensible at what it does and is extremely straightforward to use even for a beginner. Media device uses FFmpeg within the background to convert your videos. The app supports a large amount of file formats, from the popular and most used formats to the obscure ones. a number of the supported formats embrace however not restricted to MP4, 3GP, WMA, FLV, MKV, MOV, VOB, MPG, etc.

Like I aforesaid before, the app is extremely straightforward to use. after you opt for a video to convert, it'll show you 2 of the foremost standard choices “Convert to MP3” and “Convert to MP4.” If you wish to convert your video to a different format then all you have got to try and do is opt for the third possibility “Expert Mode.” On this screen, you'll be able to opt for the custom file format, cut and trim, modification audio quality, crop the video, modification resolution, modification video quality, etc. Once you're finished the settings, click on the “Convert” button and you're sensible to travel.

If you're yearning for a straightforward, light-weight video device that supports the majority the video file formats then offer Media device a attempt to see if it fits your desires.

Pricing: The app is totally free and is ad-supported. However, in contrast to the opposite apps, the ads don't seem to be that intrusive, a minimum of that's the case once I’m mistreatment it.

3. Video Format Factory

Video Format Factory features a smart, fashionable and marginal computer programme and supports all major video and audio file formats like MP4, FLV, AVI, MKV, MP3, FLAC, WMA, OGG, etc. except for changing videos, you'll additionally compress, split, cut, trim, extract audio, reverse video, create GIF, and add audio.

To convert a video exploitation Video Format Factory, simply faucet on the “Add” icon, choose the video location, choose the “Convert” possibility, choose the output format and alternative settings pro re nata. Finally, faucet on the “Convert Now” button and also the app starts the conversion method. Once the video has been born-again, it'll be hold on within the internal memory and you'll additionally access it directly from the app’s main screen. What makes Video Format Factory special is that permits you batch convert all of your video and audio files.

Though you have got access to most the foremost file formats, the app limits you from solely exploitation low-quality bit rates and a few presets don't seem to be offered too. If you wish to use high-quality bit rates then you would like to get the professional version. apart from that, the app is pretty smart at what it will and gets the task drained a pinch. So, provides it a attempt.

Pricing: the bottom app is free, contains ads, and a few choices square measure bolted behind the paywall. to get rid of the ads and obtain access to professional choices like extra presets and high-quality bitrate settings then you would like to upgrade to the professional version for $4.49.

4. VidCompact

Just like the on top of apps, VidCompact will quite changing videos. It also can cut, trim, crop, and compress videos if you would like. The app supports all major formats like AVI, MKV, FLV, RMVB, 3GP, MPEG, WMV, MOV, etc. What’s totally different concerning this app is that you simply will convert videos from supported formats to MP4 format solely. Since just about each device, service, and web site supports the MP4 format, it's not that huge of a limitation unless you wish to specifically convert the video into alternative formats.

Not solely the interface is pretty marginal and colourful, the app is incredibly beginner friendly too. simply faucet on the “Convert to MP4,” choose the video, and faucet on the “Save to Gallery” button and you're smart to travel. So, if you're craving for an easy app to convert your videos to MP4 and take a look at VidCompact and see however it works for you.

Pricing: the bottom app is free, contains ads, and restricted to file formats 3GP, MKV, MOV, AVI, WMV, M4V, and MPG. Moreover, the free version doesn't support changing videos on top of 3840 x 2160 resolution. to get rid of these limitations, you would like to the acquisition the professional version for around $2.

5. aKingi – Video Converter

aKingi – Video converter is yet one more sensible app to convert video directly on your golem device. The app supports changing videos between a good vary of formats like 3GP, AAC, AC3, AVI, FLAC, MP2, MP3, MP4, MPG, MKV, MOV, etc. whereas changing, you'll choose and select totally different choices just like the codec, video and audio bitrate, video breadth and height, FPS, frequency, audio tracks, and even the output size. Of course, if you're a beginner and need sleek sailing then you'll select the enclosed presets from the computer menu next to the Profile choice.

Moreover, the app additionally supports batch conversion. To batch convert, all you have got to try to to is choose multiple videos from the browse window, choose the output format, and faucet on the convert icon. One factor i actually like concerning this app is that it provides you with the FFmpeg command line interface (Command Line Interface). So, if you recognize the way to use FFmpeg to convert videos then merely choose {the choice|the choice} “TVC CLI” option from the most menu.

If you're yearning for AN app that provides you higher management over however you change the videos victimisation FFmpeg command line interface whereas containing a decent usable computer programme then aKingi – Video convertor is for you.

Pricing: the bottom app is free and contains ads. Moreover, some formats square measure like FLAC, MKV, 3GP, etc., aren't obtainable for complimentary users. eliminate} the restrictions and acquire rid of ads you wish to shop for the professional version for around $2.

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That’s it for currently, these were our high decide for video device apps for mechanical man. Comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences regarding victimisation the on top of apps to convert videos on mechanical man.
Are you UC Browser user and you mostly prefer the due to some reasonable features well known to you and that why you find the browser more significant to you. But have you ever notice while downloading a file and you get stuck in the middle? If your answer is yes, then this tutorial is meant for you on how to resume expired link / Resume Downloads link in UC Browser.

This issue has become is the most common problem encounter irrespective of the browser you are using while browsing or downloading a file from the internet. Just as I said earlier most mobile device prefer the usage of UC Browser for surfing and downloading on the net due to the browser due the browser lightning fast and web page compression technology that allows users to load web pages at much higher speed as compared to its competitor one’s like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

In this course of this article we will review the secret on how to Resume expired link / Resume Downloads Link in UC Browser.
How to Resume Expired link / Resume Downloading Link in UC Browser
1. Mandatory Open UC Browser on your device as required and then go to Downloads -> There tap on the file for which the download link is expired and then you get more information about the file -> In there you will be able to see the download page link -> Just copy that particular download link and open that link once again in new tab.

2. Now what will happen is that a new download will start and during the download window just rename the file. Wait till your file gets downloaded till 300-400kb and then pause your download and also close your UC Browser.

3. After this procedure just open your device file manager and go to UCDownloads folder -> There you will see the old incomplete downloaded file (which is not able to resume) and file with .dltemp extension -> Just copy these two files in a separate folder for backup purpose.

4. Now copy the name of the new file (of which you have started the download progress recently) and then delete this file and rename the old incomplete downloaded file with the same name as you copied earlier. Also repeat the same step for dltemp file.

5. Bravo now open UC Browser again and resume your downloading again. That is the simple tactics and your file download will begin from where your old file stuck.

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It Was so unfortunate for me, one faithful day when I was carrying out a very serious job on my system, when am done with the work I needed to transfer it to another system using either SD Cards or Flash Drive because that was the drive present at the moment, so after copying I inserted my Flash Drive to the system am transferring the work to, but after undergoing the transfer process I found out none of my files was present in the flash drive all I was seeing was just a shortcut and this got me mad at moment that I need to deliver my services with immediate effect. In case you having been encountering same problem just as I have just mentioned, don’t bother for I will guide you on how to effectively remove shortcut virus from USB flash drive and computer
What Do We Mean by Shortcut Virus and How it can be Spread.

Whenever a flash drive is connected to an infected computer and transfer any file it automatically infects the flash drive and all files will be shown as Shortcut. This virus can affect any external storage like Flash Drives, External Hard disk, Phone Memory, Memory card or any Memory Stick. This malware is usually contacted online and is prone to spread from one PC to another and the files in the USB are transform into shortcut and this happen whenever you insert anything flash drive into your PC


How to Remove Shortcut Virus From Flash Drive.

If you don’t really have any crucial file in your flash drive you may format it but if otherwise to remove the shortcut follow the below procedures.

Step 1. Simply Go to Start and Search for cmd and Right Click on it to “Run as Administrator“

Step 2. Next,navigate to Flash Drive by type the letter of the flash drive. [For instance I representing the flash letter but it depends on your drive letter ], to locate the flash drive on  “My Computer” and check for letter, type i: and hit enter as shown on the image below.

Step 3. Also enter ” del *.lnk ” (without using quote) in cmd window and Hit Enter on your Keyboard.

Step 4. Follow by typing” attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l ”  ( without using quote ) and hit Enter .

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Computer.

If you need a double guarantee on how to remove the virus from your system, you can simply download and install anti-virus software to clean up all shortcut virus from Windows 10/8/7 computer and USB etc external storage devices. Below are some of the strongly recommended anti-virus you may try to do that for you.

Trojan Removal Tool;
Shortcut virus fixfolder;
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, etc.

Otherwise to remove the shortcut virus from your system, simply follow the procedure below:

1. Just press Win+R and enter: regedit to enter the registry;
2. Next, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Click on Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Click Run;
3. Also press Win + R and enter: msconfig > Click OK;
4. Right in the Startup, uncheck everything except for the anti-virus software;
5. Finally, click OK > Click Restart now.


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how to remove shortcut virus from hard disk.

To some of us who has been following our updates on building app for your blog/website will notice that we have just been laying emphasis on android app.Why not iOS and iPad? But the issue is that to publish an app with this platform are more expensive,so we go for cheaper platform which is google play store.With google play store you can publish your with the sum of $25 to sign up and start publishing your app to google play store to market your app and to also make it available for download for your client for the easy accessibility of your website RSS feed.

Android is wide used by most mobile users just as mentioned in our previous post on android development.So our interest is mostly laid on android app for the sake of the tutorial.
Just sit tight as we move on unto how to turn your website RSS Feed or URL into android app for your client to have quick access to your website.I know you might have been thinking on how you can create an app for your blog,just relax with this procedure we are about to embark on will solve your problem.

The platform that made this approach more easier for their client is know as AppYet,let us now begin by taking this tutorial step by step and make sure you follow it more accurately and your app will be ready within a shortest period of time.

Procedure To Make Your RSS Feed  An App
1.    First of all you have to create an account with them by following this link

2.    After creating an account with AppYET you now need to login into your account

3.    You will proceed by selecting an option to add a feed ,it is your blog URL/feed

4.    Select how often that you want your feed to generate in the settings tab.You can also download a custom launcher icon or select one from their menu. There's several options to add your email and a web tab to add a link to your actual blog.

5.    You now need to select the submit option when you are finished creating your app.It may take 10 to 15 minutes for the app to be created. You will receive the file in an email. You can install it directly to your phone if you use your gmail account for registration.

6.You can now install and test your app on your mobile device

7. Go back and edit in your Appyet dashboard if you aren't satisfied with it. It is now time to upload       and publish your app if you are happy with it.
 8. Upload the apk file from your email to your computer.Then go to the Google developer site.It's $25 to sign up. You will be asked to download a couple of screenshots of your app.

 9. Take a couple of screenshots with your phone.Transfer them to your computer quickly using Dropbox.
 You will be asked some questions about the app and to give some details.

    10  Upload the apk file from your computer and click activate once it appears in your developer console

Note:With all these procedures followed successfully,you now have your android app running,you can also checkout how to create android app so easily,just like the one we just created with this tutorial by following the given links given below.

Instagram is one of the most used social media in the world but to our notice Instagram seems to consume lots of mobile data. Whether you’re posting your own photos and videos, or just flicking through your feed, due to this issue of data consumption many people in one way or the other try to abstain from using Instagram but that not their main intension to stop using Instagram but due to data consumption.

The best way to use Instagram is when you are not on mobile data but not withstanding in this post am going to be sharing some basic settings that will make your Instagram minimize the usage of data and I believe that would save you the stress of thinking about data consumption whenever you want to post your own photos and videos, or just flicking through your feed and also most people has friends who normally post lots of videos and we all know that videos consume more data.

Don’t panic on how this is going to be done. I know you might have been looking for, how you can minimize your data while using Instagram, this could be a remedy for your case. Just sit and relax as we as I take you through the possible steps required in order to minimize your data consumption using Instagram.

How to Turn On Facebook’s Data Saver Tool

One of the way we can minimize data while using Instagram is by turning on Facebook data saver tool which am going to taking you through as we continue with this tutorial. If you scroll through your feed on a cellular connection, you’re still going to burn through quite a lot of mobile data; it’s just that opening the app won’t use as much because Instagram preloads less of your feed

  1. Turn your Instagram and scroll to your profile. Tap on the Gear icon to open the Settings screen.

     2.Keep on scrolling down until you encounter Mobile Data Use under Settings.This is the feature that will help in the reduction of the data consumption rate of the Instagram application

    3.Proceed by selecting (toggle) Use Less Data on.When you now turn this feature off by selecting the Use Less Data ON,then the data usage rate will then decrease.

As a smartphone user these are some of the topics you may like to view

with all these features setup, now your Instagram will minimize data consumption. We all know that Instagram is a data hungry app, so it is better to minimize that data usage rate to avoid running short of data unexpectedly.

Okay! Now that you have all that setup out of the way, you can start Greenifying apps. To get things going (whether your phone is rooted or not). But if have not installed and setup Greenify app on your smart phone follow here for Non-rooted phone and also for rooted phones follow here,If have done that already click the floating action button with a plus sign on it in the bottom right corner to proceed.
But if you have not been following us in our previous tutorial check it then on the following topics:

This will load the App Analyzer—a list of all the apps that are currently running, as well as apps that may slow your device down under certain circumstances. If you’d like to see all installed apps in this list, tap the three-button overflow menu in the top -right corner and check the “Show All” button.

The little blue cloud-looking icon beside some of these app. Shows that the app feature Google Cloud Messaging for notifications—if you Greenify an app that uses Google Cloud Messaging, you will not get notifications from that app when it’s hibernated.Note that when choosing the apps to hibernate—if you rely on notifications from an app, don’t Greenify the app to get your expected notifications.

Search all the apps and click on the one you want to hibernate while it is running or the app that is not running you think it slows your device. Once you are done making your selection, tap the floating action button in the bottom right corner to proceed to the next step.

NOTE: while selecting the app to hibernate please be careful not select the app whose functionality relies on regularly phoning home. Some of this apps include Apps like Google Maps or Weather and conditions apps. Hibernating some the apps I have mentioned earlier may cause dysfunction or having to manually refresh them. To be on the safer side select the apps that does nothing in the background of your device.
After making all selection your device will be hibernated shortly after the screen goes off. But if want to hibernate immediately click on  the “Zzz” button to hibernate.

If you click that button on a non-rooted handset, Greenify will open each app’s entry in the Settings > Apps menu and close it. After it has closed all the apps, it’ll pop back into the Greenify page, but this time it will show that all of selected apps are currently hibernated. Ordinarily, this will happen automatically after you turn your screen off, so you won’t see all the behind-the-scenes action unless you press the hibernate button manually.

If you tap that button on a rooted handset, the apps will simply go into hibernation without actually navigating to the Settings page for each app. It’s essentially doing the same thing, it’s just a bit smoother of an experience.

If want to add more apps to the hibernation list later in the feature, click the plus sign in the upper right corner, just beside the three-button overflow menu to re-open the App Analyzer to hibernate more apps.

Caution: If you have root access and the donation version, do your research before hibernating system apps. Shutting down certain system apps may put you at risk of making your phone unstable and disabling apps that you actually want to run in the background. The Power Users among you guys have been warned!

We all know that every smartphone will want to in one way or the other to find a way if possible to maximize their battery life to make it last longer. Power Users(If you can purchase the pro version) can use the Donation Package version of Greenify to enjoy all of Greenify’s features which is not included in the free version. But if don’t have the capacity to purchase the pro version you can just continue with the free version to hibernate your apps.Enjoy and don’t forget to share with friend and well-wishers by inviting them to this great platform known as Dbenco Tech.

In my previous tutorial I wrote on how to optimize your android phone or device battery life but in that tutorial I focus more on Non-rooted android device, but I feel that they are many people reading the post in whose phone has already been rooted.

Some many that has read that tutorial would have been wondering whether rooted phones has been exempted from using this app called Greenify, or is that the inventor don’t want rooted smartphone users to enjoy this wonderful android app to optimize their battery life but I tell you don’t worry you have not been exempted for usage of the great android battery optimizer app that help in the maintaining the battery life of our smart phones.

As android app user there are some many things we do with all our phones and even unknowingly their  are some many app running on the background of our device which reduces the effectiveness of our device battery life but with the help of the Greenify Android app, some of this act can easily be minimize for better battery life optimizations.

Note for you to follow along with this tutorial your device must be rooted or if your device has not been rooted you can check the tutorial on the  Procedure on how To Set Up Greenify App for Non-Rooted Device(Phone) But if  your device is rooted, then let proceed with the   setup process which is much simpler. To proceed with this but in case you have not downloaded the app follow these link to download the free version here or you can also download the pro version here to proceed with these tutorials.But if have done that already Firstly, click on the Next button.

Proceed by choosing “My device is rooted” on the Working Mode screen, then click on the Next button to proceed. The app will require for root access. Click on  the Grant button to proceed.

Once root access has been granted, the app will ask about fingerprint use and Smart Lock. If you use either of these things, tick the “Yes, I use it daily” box, then click Next.

That just the step.Click on  Finish to get started using Greenify app to optimize your smartphone battery life.