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Naturally, Glo does not give bonuses on calls like other networks because they are only designed for data. However, none of their tariff plans gives enough calls bonuses but there is only one available to do the task and is called “Glo 11kb/sec“.
Glo 11kb/sec prepaid plan is considered to be the cheapest among other tariff plans in Glo catalogue and in Nigeria. This plan allows Glo users to make calls to all local networks and to thirty international destinations at a very heavy discounted rates. Additionally, it’s available to both new and existing customers.

Moreover, this plan attracts a daily access fee of N5 only, it will always be deducted every morning for the tariff plan to work better on your calls.

Benefits of Glo 11kb/sec Tariff Plan

  • Cheap calls to other networks in Nigeria.
  • Cheap calls to other Glo users and numbers.
  • You will receive 10 minutes of free internet browsing thirty days after migrating to Glo 11kb/sec tariff plan. The bonus is valid for 30 days and you will continue to receive the bonus at the end of every month.
  • You will get cheap calls to the following thirty countries: Australia, Brunei, Bangladesh, Canada, Cyprus, China, Denmark, French Guiana, Finland, Guam, Hong Kong, Israel, India, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Malta , Mongolia, Norway, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Romania, Reunion Island, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom.

Glo 11kb/secs Tariff Rate

  • On-net calls i.e. call to other Glo numbers – 11 kobo/sec.
  • Off-net calls i.e. call to other mobile networks in Nigeria – 15 kobo/sec.
  • Calls to thirty top international destinations – 15 kobo/sec.
  • On-net SMS – 4 Naira/sec
  • Off-net SMS – 4 Naira/sec.
  • SMS to international numbers – 35 Naira/sec.

How to migrate onto Glo 11 kobo/sec Tariff Plan

To activate or migrate onto Glo 11 kobo/sec plan, kindly dial *211# and to option out of the plan, dial the migration code of the new tariff plan you have decided to migrate onto.

Are you searching for the best Airtel data plans for modem, Airtel WhatsApp plan, Airtel data plans for BlackBerry, Airtel best data plans for every smartphone, Airtel data plan for iPhone, Airtel subscription codes for just N200 and others, all the data plans of Airtel lays in this article.
In this article, we’re providing you with the best Airtel 2018 internet data plan for Android smartphones, iOS, PC/desktop/computer, tablets and many others, including BlackBerry.

Airtel is the world’s third largest telecommunications operator with exclusive cheap data plans for all devices with an uninterrupted speed. The network has over 20 million subscribers and has since been offering what their customers needs without hesitation.
Although, Airtel and MTN were using an interesting business strategy in 2016 to drag more customers from other network providers by offering an impressive data plans for various types of smartphones but still yet, Glo still remains the grandmaster of data plans by releasing unresisting mouth-dropping data plans for their users.
Currently, MTN and 9mobile has been increasing their data plans when other network providers are making it cheap for everyone. For now, Airtel data plans and Glo data plans are currently the best in the telecommunications world.
Moreover, Airtel data plans ranges from night, daily, weekly, monthly, 2G packs and unlimited. The night plans lasts from 12am to 4am, the daily plans last for only 24 hours, the weekly last for only 7 days, the monthly lasts for 30 days, the 2G packs are unlimited but capped, only restricted to 2G mode and finally, the unlimited are also capped but only for BlackBerry devices.
The Airtel data plans works on all devices that can connect to the internet, including Android device, iOS (iPhone), tablets, PSP consoles and other gaming devices.

Airtel 2018 Data plans, Validity Period and Price

Airtel Daily Data Plans

Airtel offers you a rich bouquet of data bundles to meet your internet needs. The daily data bundles are rich, affordable and flexible to meet your needs.
1. 20MB for N50: The plan is popularly known as the “entry data plan” which can be used on featured or Android phones and can consume faster, depending on your usage. It can be used for checking notifications and it valid for a day (24 hours).
To activate the Airtel entry data plan, kindly dial *141*11*9# and enjoy the plan based on your consumption.
2. 75MB for N100: This is a daily plan and can give you the best you need in a day. With N100, you’d get 75MB data bundle to probably check some notifications online and some other things like video calling, chatting and other basic stuffs. It valid for 14 hours, just 1 day.
To activate the Airtel data plan, kindly dial *410# and enjoy the amazing bundle.
3. 200MB for N200: This is 3-day validity data plan from Airtel. You’d get 200MB at literally the same amount you used in purchasing the data plan. It’s amazing and wonderful because it hits the same data allocated to it. It valid for 3 days.
To activate the Airtel data plan, kindly dial *412# and enjoy the amazing bundle.

Airtel Weekly Data Plans

Airtel weekly data bundles are amazing and flexible to those who will like to stay active on the internet during the week. The plans last for 7 days and airtel also extend the other weekly plan to 14 days. In other word, this is an extra grace period for the subscriber.
4. 350MB for N300: If this bundle or data plan were to be compared to the last weekly plan, I would recommend this plan because the both validity and data given, this weekly plan still surpassed it. You will get 350MB for just N300 only and it valid for complete 7 days without interruption.
To activate the Airtel data plan, kindly dial *417# and enjoy the amazing bundle.
5. 750MB for N500: This plan obviously shows that Airtel really offers you a rich bouquet of data bundles to meet your internet needs, since the plan is some network providers night+weekly plan, MTN for example. But this Airtel weekly plan valid for complete 14 days and 750MB is the allocated data for the sum of N500.
To activate the Airtel data plan, kindly dial *418# and enjoy the amazing bundle.

Airtel Monthly Data Plans

Airtel Monthly plans are affordable and well arranged to meet your needs. Those who love to stream the internet heavily or those who prefer downloading heavily should opt for these monthly plans because they are recommended for you.
6. 1.5GB for N1,000: This plan is tagged as “Android 1.0”, it’s the cheapest plan among the Airtel Monthly data plans and it valid for 30 days, which is a month. With just N1,000, you will get the data volume of 1.5GB data and is usable on all devices at N1/MB all day.
To activate the Airtel data plan, kindly dial *496# and enjoy the amazing bundle.
7. 3.5GB (2.5GB + 1GB data bonus) for N1,500: This data plan is tagged as “Android 1.5” because is the upgraded version of the previous monthly plan. With just N1,500, you’d get 3.5GB data, the 2.5GB can be used all day but the 1GB data bonus is usable from 1am to 7am daily and it valid for 30 days.
To activate the Airtel data plan, kindly dial *437# and enjoy the additional amazing data bundle attached.
8. 3.5GB for N2,000: This Android 2.0 data plan is different from the previous plan because it can be used all day without time-restriction but the price is higher. Moreover, you can get the 3.5GB to work perfectly with just N2,000 only, valid for 30 days.
To opt-in this Airtel data plan, simply dial *437# and voila! You have successfully subscribed to go for the 30 days online pursuit.
9. 5.5GB (4.5GB + 1GB data bonus) for N2,500: This Android 2.5 data plan is similar to the previous plan. The 5.5GB is divided and time-restricted, which means the 4.5GB is your main data bundle that can be used at all day and night but the 1GB data bonus can be used only from 1am to 7am daily.
To opt-in this Airtel data plan, simply dial *437*1# and voila! You have successfully subscribed to go for the 30 days online pursuit.
10. 6.5GB (5.5GB + 1GB data bonus) for N3,000: This Android 3.0 data plan is similar to the previous plan. The 6.5GB is divided and time-restricted, which means the 5.5GB is your main data bundle that can be used at all day and night but the 1GB data bonus can be used only from 1am to 7am daily.
To opt-in this Airtel data plan, simply dial *438# and voila! You have successfully subscribed to go for the 30 days online pursuit.
11. 9.5GB (7.5GB + 2GB data bonus) for N4,000: This Android 4.0 data plan is similar to the previous plan. The 9.5GB is divided and time-restricted, which means the 7.5GB is your main data bundle that can be used at all day and night but the 2GB data bonus can be used only from 1am to 7am daily.
To opt-in this Airtel data plan, simply dial *438*1# and voila! You have successfully subscribed to go for the 30 days online pursuit.

Airtel 2G-Pack Data Plan

These plans are wonderful! Not literally or probably but truly cheap and affordable. The major reason why people won’t find it reasonable is because the plan is restricted to 2G data network mode only; it can’t be used on 3G network or others. Moreover, is still the best unlimited (capped) airtel data plan.
Meanwhile, the data is slow because 2G network is naturally slow unlike 3G with extraordinary speed. If you need some urgent or things to do on the internet, you might find these data plans reasonable.
The plans are available in two packages: the weekly and the monthly packages. Airtel 2G Packs gives you NON-STOP Internet Browsing, Chatting, Downloads on your 2G phone. They are;
1. 2G-Pack Weekly 1GB for N200 – This plan is so cheap but only restricted to 2G network mode. It valid for 7 days and can be activated by dialling *482*1# and viola! You are done opting-in the plan. Then, kindly go to Settings>>Mobile network>>Preferred network and switch it to 2G mode only, otherwise, you won’t see it work.
2. 2G-Pack Monthly 3GB for N500: This is the highest 2G pack data plan from Airtel network and it offers 3GB at the price of just N500 only. The plan only works on 2G mode and it valid for 25 days without stopping. To activate, dial *482*2# and kindly go to Settings>>Mobile network>>Preferred network and switch it to 2G mode only, otherwise, it won’t work.

Airtel Night Plans

Airtel data plans for night browsing is absolutely amazing and flexible. They have an impressive night plans unlike MTN network own.
To activate, you must be on Airtel smartTrybe 2.0 by dialling *312# and select 1 to join the smartTrybe tariff plan.
To activate the Airtel night data plan of N25 for 500MB, simply dial *312#, select 3 (Trybe Night Browsing), and select 1 to activate.
To activate the Airtel night data plan of N200 for 1.5GB, simply dial *312#, select 3 (Trybe Night Browsing), and select 2 to activate. That’s all.

All Airtel Data Plans, Activation Codes, Validity Period and Price 

Plan Validity Opt-In Codes
Airtel Daily Plans
20MB for N50 1 Day Dial *141*11*9#
75MB for N100 1 Day Dial *410#
200MB for N200 3 Days Dial *412#
Airtel Weekly Plans
350MB for N300 7 Days Dial *417#
750MB for N500 14 Days Dial *418#
Airtel Monthly Plans
1.5GB for N1,000 30 Days Dial *496#
3.5GB (2.5GB + 1GB data bonus) for N1,500 Note: The 1GB bonus is usable from 1am to 7am daily 30 Days Dial *437#
3.5GB for N2,000 30 Days Dial *437#
5.5GB (4.5GB + 1GB data bonus) for N2,500 Note: The 1GB bonus is usable from 1am to 7am daily 30 Days Dial *437*1#
6.5GB (5.5GB + 1GB data bonus) for N3,000 30 Days Dial *438#
9.5GB (7.5GB + 2GB data bonus) for N4,000 30 Days *438*1#
Airtel 2G-Pack Plans
2G-Pack Weekly Plan of 2GB for N200 7 Days Dial *482*1#
2G-Pack Monthly Plan of 3GB for N500 25 Days Dial *482*2#
Airtel Social Plans Stay socially connected. Chat, browse and stay up to date with our social plans. Usable for Facebook,Twitter Whatsapp, We Chat e.t.c
WhatsApp Daily 10MB for N25 1 Day Dial *948*4#
All social daily for 20MB for N50 1 Day Dial *991*4#
All social weekly plan of 50MB for N100 5 Days Dial *688*3#
All social monthly plan of 600MB for N300 25 Days Dial *688*1#
Airtel BlackBerry Plans Usable on all BlackBerry OS7 devices as well as NON-Blackberry
BB unlimited daily of 40MB for N100 1 Day Dial *440*18#
BB unlimited weekly of 200MB for N525 7 Days Dial *440*17#
BB unlimited monthly of 3.5GB (2.5GB + 1GB data bonus for N1,500 Note: The 1GB bonus is usable from 1am to 7am daily 25 Days Dial *440*16#
Airtel Mega Packs Plans Airtel Mega Packs are designed for the heavy data user. Enjoy Streaming, Downloads etc on your device or across multiple device
MEGA 5: 12GB (10GB + 2GB data bonus) for N5,000 Note: The 2GB bonus is usable from 1am to 7am daily 30 Days Dial *452#
MEGA 10: 25GB for N10,000 30 Days Dial *462*10#
MEGA 15: 40GB for N15,000 30 Days Dial *462*15#
MEGA 20: 60GB for N20,000 30 Days Dial *462*20#
Airtel Night Plans
500MB for N25 A night from 12am – 5am Dial *312# and select 3 (Trybe Night browsing) and select 1 to subscribe
1.5GB for N200 A night from 12am – 5am Dial *312# and select 3 (Trybe Night browsing) and select 2 to subscribe

Airtel Free Surf of Up to 160MB

FREE Surf offers reduced browsing rate on usage and gives up to 160mb bonus data when you use up to 160MB. Browsing rate starts from 1kobo per KB. Billing starts from N10/MB and up to N2/MB.

How to Buy or Purchase Airtel Data Plans

To activate Airtel data plans, simply dial *141# and follow the on-screen instructions, or use the above USSD codes for the activation of all Airtel data plans.

How to check Airtel data balance

The data balance checking code for Airtel is by dialling *140# or dial *141*11*0# or dial *123*10# or simply dial *223# or dial *141*712*0# or send Status to 440 as SMS.
To check Airtel BIS, dial *123*9# and you’re done.

Are you looking for cheap offers from the four giant networks in Nigeria: Airtel, Glo, MTN and 9mobile? Are you stranded and need to get something light to access the internet with the speed of light? Wow! You have it right in this article.
Opting for the normal data plans every day, weeks and months can extremely consume a lot of money. In fact, it’s not pocket-friendly. However, you need to have alternatives to always backup your normal data plan, which are obviously the cheap or free offers.

 Some offers can work efficiently and consistently on Android, PC (using modems), iPhone, tablets and even PSP consoles, while some are restricted for a specific device.

Moreover, you can equally figure out the volume of data you consumes daily and strictly stick to one of the offer in order to yield benefits.

MTN, Glo, 9mobile and Airtel Cheap or Free Data Offers

1. 9mobile N200 for 1GB Bonus Offer

This offer is specially designed for both existing or new subscribers using 9mobile network but it based on eligibility.
To verify your eligibility, simply dial *929*10# without having any credit (0.0KB) on your phone, you’ll receive an SMS saying “You have insufficient balance…. but if otherwise, kindly note that you aren’t eligible to activate the offer.
To activate the special bonus offer, dial *929*10# and enjoy your specially designed bonus that will definitely suite and help you cut off half of your bills. Valid for 3 days.

2. MTN 2000% Instant Bonus Offer

This bonus is mainly constructed for the old dormant customers on the network or who might have probably moved to other networks.
So, kindly look for your MTN SIM that has been dormant for over 45 days i.e the SIM must have not been used for calls, browsing or any chargeable activity for 45 days and above. Then, recharges from N100 or above will give you 20 times value of your recharge for the next 3 months. Assuming, you recharged N100, you’ll get N2,000, recharge of N200 gives N4,000, recharge of N400 gives 6,000 and so on.
The money recharged won’t be touched, the 500% will be used for calls and 1500% will be used for data. You can check your bonus by dialling *559*65# and that’s all.

3. Airtel 1GB for N500

Till date I have not seen any network in Nigeria that offers the volume of that data for N500 except Glo but speed matters. Airtel offers enough speed for almost all locations in Nigeria unlike Globacom. Moreover, the data works for all devices you can think of that has internet access.
To activate the data bonus, you need to freely migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe by dialling *312# and select option 1 to migrate successfully.
After successful migration, dial *312# again and select option 2 to activate the N500 for 1GB data bonus offer.

4. Airtel 4G LTE 4GB Data Bonus Offer

Airtel offers enough data for their customers. This bonus offer are mainly designed for those on the network using 4G supported device.
To activate, visit any nearest Airtel experience centre and swap your old Airtel SIM to 4G LTE supported SIM or simply get a new 4G LTE SIM. Insert it into your 4G enabled phone and browse till stupor. Remember to check your 4GB data bonus before browsing by dialling *140# and voila! Enjoy.

5. Airtel Double Data Bonus Offer

This offer based on eligibility but once eligible, you would feel like the world is certainly revolving in your hands. The amazing doubling of data will will put a smile on your face.
To activate, dial *144# and a list of data plans you will buy for the doubling of data will appear, kindly purchase those applicable data plans and it will be doubled immediately.
You can check your data balance by dialling *140# and note that once activated, the offer will valid for 6 months and your data purchased will expire depending on the type of plan you bought.

6. MTN Double Data Offer

MTN double double data also based on eligibility. The official way to get the double data, is when you get a new MTN SIM but there is another simple way to activate it without the hassle of getting or purchasing a new SIM card.
To activate, send DOUBLE, PROMO and FREE to 131 as SMS and wait for the three replies to hit your inbox. After that, dial *131# and purchase any data plans from the list, and finally, check your doubled data by dialling *131*4# and that’s all.

7. 9mobile Double Data Bonus Offer

This doesn’t base on eligibility but on tariff plan. Morecliq tariff plan users are the only people that are meant to enjoy the offer and to migrate to 9mobile Morecliq tariff plan, simply dial *244*1# and voila! You are welcome to the tariff.
Then, to activate 9mobile double data offer, simply dial *545# and activate the 100% double data offer.
Now, dial *200# and buy a data plan from 9mobile, you’ll see that the data will be doubled to X2 of the data you purchased. Enjoy the data with the speed!

8. Glo Double Data Bonus Offer

Glo double data doesn’t based on eligibility or tariff plan but can be enjoyed by all new and existing subscribers on the network because it’s attached to their plan.
To activate, dial *777# to purchase a data plan from Glo, the next auto-renewal will double data. Simply, dial *127*0# to check your double data and enjoy!

9. Airtel 6GB for N1,500

This bonus works based on eligibility for old and new subscribers on the network.
Once you receive the eligibility message, saying; “Enjoy Airtel 6GB Monthly Data Plan for N1500. Simply Dial *440*161# NOW to activate this Amazing Offer!….,” simply dial this code *440*161# without having credit on your phone and if it says “insufficient credit”, it means you are eligible but if it says otherwise, kindly know you are not eligible.
If you are eligible, dial *440*161# to activate the bonus offer from Airtel and also dial *140# to check your data bonus but note that it zaps.

10. 9mobile Heavyweight Awoof

The awoof is mainly for new subscribers on the network with assurance to get heavyweight bonuses on their new SIM.
9mobile heavyweight Awoof offers 250% airtime bonus, free 1.5GB data, free weekly chat pak and N500 for 1GB.
Customers using the 9mobile heavyweight SIM will get 250% bonus on all recharges for 90 days for calls to other networks and to 9mobile network. Recharge up to N500 in a week and enjoy free weekly chat pak to all social media. You can purchase N500 for 1GB for the first 30 days. Lastly, you will get 1.5GB on first recharge of N500, first recharge of N200 will give 1GB and N100 first recharge will give 500MB data.
Just visit any 9mobile experience centre and get the heavyweight Awoof SIM to enjoy all the benefits aforementioned.

11. Airtel SmartRecharge Offer

This offer gives 10 times more of your recharges for voice and data.
Recharge of 200 naira gives 1000 naira for calls and 1000 naira for data. Recharge of 500 naira gives 2000 naira for calls and 3000 naira for data plus extra 3000 naira for data. While 1000 naira gives you 2500 naira for calls and 7500 naira for data plus extra 7500 naira for data.
To activate, recharge your line using *220*Recharge PIN# and enjoy!

12. Airtel 2GB Plans

These plans are specially designed for 2G users. Yes, is slow but very cheap and affordable.
To activate, dial *482# and select 1 to subscribe for the 2GB for N200 that valid for 10 days. The second 2G plan is N500 for 6GB and can be activated by dialling *482# and select 2 to subscribe.
Now, goto settings>>mobile networks and set preferred network to 2G and enjoy your surfing.

13. Airtel and MTN Night Plans

These networks has the cheapest and affordable night plans that will enable you enjoy uninterrupted internet access in the midnight.
To activate MTN night plan, simply send NIGHT to 131 and you are done activating the night plan, it costs just N25 only and valid from 12pm to 4am.
To activate Airtel night plan, migrate to Airtel smartTrybe by dialling *312# and select 1 option, then dial *312# again and select option 3 (Trybe Night Browsing) and select from the N25 for 500MB valid from 12am to 5am and the N200 gives 1.5GB data valid from 12am to 5am.

In this post we are going to be looking at different subscription for different network.Most us must have been looking for the cheapest data subscription to subscribe before now.But let’s just take a tour on the latest sub.

Our main contents will be laid on:
  • Airtel Nigeria Data Plans
  • Glo Nigeria Data Plans
  • MTN Nigeria Data Plans
  • Etisalat Nigeria Data Plan 

Airtel Nigeria Data Plans

Here are some of the list of airtel data plans for their customers:

*. N1000 to get 1.5GB – Dial *496# for 30 days.
*. N2,500 to get 5GB – Dial *437*1# for 30days. (Android and Tablet)
*. N2k to get 3.5GB – Dial *437# for 30days. (Android and Tablet)
*. N1500 to get 3GB – Dial *435# for 30days. This is the Cheapest of All. (Blackberry, Android and Tablet)
*. BB COMPLETE MONTH:- N1k to get 3GB – Dial *431# for 30days.
*. N3,500 to get 7GB – Dial *438# for 30days.
*. N5k to get 12GB – Dial *452# for 30days.
*. N8k to get 24GB – Dial *460# for 30days.

Glo Nigeria Data Plans

For those of us that are GLO network user,this for you.Take a look at the plans that suite your taste

Plan Name Price (N) Data Volume Validity SMS to 127 USSD Code
Always Micro 1,000 2GB 30 Days 53 *127*53#
My Phone 2,000 6GB 30 Days 55 *127*55#
So Special 2,500 10GB 30 Days 58 *127*58#
Always Macro 3,000 12GB 30 Days 54 *127*54#
N4,000 Data Plan 4,000 18GB 30 Days 59 *127*59#
Always Min 5,000 24GB 30 Days 11 *127*2#

MTN Nigeria Data Plans

MTN Nigeria is not left out take a glance at their network data plans for their valued customers

MegaBytes Amount Validity USSD CODE

MTN 30MB N100 Valid for 24Hrs SMS 104 to 131
MTN 100MB N200 Valid for 24Hrs SMS 113 to 131
MTN 750MB N500 Valid for 7 Days SMS 103 to I31
MTN 1.5GB N1000 Valid for 30 Days SMS 106 to 131
MTN 3.5GB N2,000 Valid for 30 Days SMS 110 to 131
MTN 10GB N5,000 Valid for 30 Days) SMS 116 to 131
MTN 22GB N10,000 Valid for 30 days) SMS 117 to 131

Etisalat Nigeria Data Plan

Etisalat also has their own plans that you may want to subscribe to,here are the plans from Etisalat Nigeria:

i. N100 to get 10MB – Dial *229*3*1# or text Ml1 to 229 for a Day.
ii. N500 to get 50MB – Dial *229*3*4# or text Ml2 to 229 for 7days.
iii. N1,000 to get 1.5GB – Dial *229*2*7# or text AND1 to 229 for 30days.
iv. N2k to get 3.5GB – Dial *229*2*8# or text AND2 to 229 for 30days.
v. N4k to get 3GB – Dial *229*2*4# or text MB4 to 229 for 30days.
vi. N6,500 to get 5GB – Dial *229*2*3# or text MB5 to 229 for 30days.
vii. N8k to get 8GB – Dial *229*2*5# to subscribe or text MB6 to 229 for 30days.

I know you are tempted to all the list data plans but it now depends on you, on the plan you wish to go in for, do not forget to share this with your friends and also invite them to our site for more updates.