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The main cause of the scandal is about the misused of Facebook users data by Cambridge Analytica – a data mining and analytics firm, in violation of Facebook’s terms, which played a huge role in influencing voters that favoured Donald Trump in the 2016 US Election.
Aleksandr Kongan, a Russian-American Cambridge University Professor was said to have collected Facebook user data promising them to use it for research, but later gave it out to Cambridge Analytica.
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook broke the silence by releasing a statement concerning the data scandal, the 2016 US Election and Facebook. He said:
“We have a responsibility to protect your data, and if we can’t then we don’t deserve to serve you. I’ve been working to understand exactly what happened and how to make sure this doesn’t happen again. The good news is that the most important actions to prevent this from happening again today we have already taken years ago. But we also made mistakes, there’s more to do, and we need to step up and do it.
“I started Facebook, and at the end of the day I’m responsible for what happens on our platform. I’m serious about doing what it takes to protect our community. While this specific issue involving Cambridge Analytica should no longer happen with new apps today, that doesn’t change what happened in the past. We will learn from this experience to secure our platform further and make our community safer for everyone going forward.”

Mark Zuckerberg has decided to take more action to secure and to prevent any bad actors from misusing Facebook user data. In the light, he outlined these processes:
  1. Facebook will investigate all apps that had access to large amounts of information from before the 2014 update and will audit any apps with suspicious activity and will ban any developer that does not cooperate with a thorough audit and Facebook will notify all users of the app including those people who used Kogan’s personality app.
  2. Facebook will further restrict developer’s access to personal data by removing developer’s access to data if a user hasn’t used the app in three months. The only thing that developers will be able to see from then on will be name, profile photo, and email address. In addition to user approval, devs will also need to sign a contract before asking anyone for further info.
  3. In the next month, Facebook will show all users a tool at the top of the News Feed that can be used to revoke apps that you’ve allowed access to your info in the past. (This tool already exists in the Privacy settings, but Facebook will highlight it in the News Feed so it’s more visible).
What’s your say about the action he has decided to take to secure Facebook user data?
Have you logged on your Facebook account on different available device such as computers, smartphones and tablets to access your Facebook account to be updated online? There is no issue signing in your Facebook account to any available device but the problem is that, will you remember to log out after carrying out your necessary actions. If you don’t sign out that means the owner of the device will get full access to your Facebook account and your entire page and I believe you want to know how to tell who visits your Facebook page.

At times you may be wondering seeing some funny actions being performed on your Facebook account and your Facebook friends will be wondering whether you are the one carrying out those actions and that is the reason should find out who has viewed my facebook profile in the last 24 hours, to resolve this issues you have to sign out your Facebook account from every machine you signed in and you no longer use. Just follow along to see how to check who visited facebook profile.


Simply go to Settings > Security > To the device you logged in and after that you will see the list of the machine that you have possibly logged in, when we use to check our settings we discovered that we are signed in to over 17 devices and some of this machine were not even in the UK per say. But if you face same kind of issue facebook provides with far more than just a list of the devices that you may have possibly logged in your account.

With this feature provided by facebook to their users you can see the type of device be it desktop, iPhone or Android that you logged in with, the IP address to access the social services, you can also see the location and also the exact time the device was used to access your account. It is advisable to log out of every device that you no longer use to avoid placing your facebook account to risk.


In case you notice any strange activity on you facebook account which you are not aware of, you can possibly stop such activity so that you friends will not get provoke thinking that you are the one carrying out such act and to do that.

· Simply go to Facebook’s setting

· Proceed by clicking on “End Activity” option next to each sign in account and that will kill the connection automatically by signing you out and also disassociate your login from that machine.

· Using you mobile just click on the ‘x’ icon.


To protect your Facebook account in the feature to be able to stop those snooping at your Facebook page, and this you can do by setting up log-in alerts to notify you whenever some signed in into your Facebook account no matter the machine they logged in from.

To actualize this simply go to Settings > Security > Login Alerts on either your computer or phone.
If you are still not satisfied with this, you can equally build on these alerts with login approvals which require secondary approval before any attempted logins are allowed to go through into your account.

And to turn on the approval feature, simply go to Settings > Security > Login Approvals and turn this on. Once activated, login codes will be sent to your phone when you legitimately want to login on a new machine.
After all this setup or activation of the feature there will be a restriction to those you want to see your Facebook activity 

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Procedure on How to Add a URL to a Page to Submit to Digg

1. Navigate in your browser to, and click on the blue "Login" button within the upper-right corner of the page. sort your Digg username and secret, or click the "Create One" link and follow the directions to form a replacement account.

2. Click the inexperienced "Submit Link" button within the upper-left corner of the page.

3. Sort the complete address of the page that you just wish to meet up with Digg, like "" Digg mechanically retrieves the page, displaying its title and outline.

4. Click and kind within the "Title" and "Description" fields to change the page title and outline that Digg can show for the page. If the title and outline area unit long, you will would like to change these fields to catch readers' attention or add keyword density.

5. Click the "Choose Topic" computer menu, and choose the subject of the page that you just area unit submitting, like Technology or Sports.

6. Click the "Digg It!" button to submit the page to Digg.

Getting traffic to your journal is a technique to confirm its success. exploitation the Digg web site to reveal your blog's content to its numerous users will go an extended thanks to assist you gain regular guests. However, it will be long and tedious to manually submit your blog's post to Digg. fortuitously, Digg has AN Import Feeds feature that permits you to import your blog's very straightforward syndication (RSS) feed to your Digg account. when your feed is foreign and verified, you'll save time by mechanically submitting your posts to Digg via your blog's feed.

In this post our aim is to guide you on how to digg rss feed to make your website start appearing on story.

How To Feeds to Digg

1. Open your applications programme, navigate to then log in to your account.

2. Click "Settings" within the upper-right corner of your Digg account page.

3. Click "Import Feeds" on the left aspect of the page then enter the address of your blog's put in the "Add Feed" text box.

4. Click the "Add Feed" button at the lowest of the text box. A verification code for the feed displays underneath Manage Feeds.

5. Copy the code and paste it into your next journal post's body, title or hid in AN hypertext mark-up language comment.

6. Publish the new journal post then return to the Import Feeds section of your Digg account. Click "Verify Now" to the proper of the verification code to complete the method.

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Facebook as one of the leading social media in the world with many users all over the world the essence of Facebook is to get track with friends and well-wishers around the world in the essence of doing you find out you will carry out so many activities online using Facebook like messages, comments, photo upload, tagging of photo, creating of group, creating of page either personal or for commercial purposes. There will be a time when you need to get track to some of the activity you have carried out using Facebook social media for reference purpose, Facebook has made this feature available which is known view activity log.

With this feature you can access  your post, post by others, post you have hidden, photos you've been tagged in and stories you've commented on and other features, without wasting much time let us see how to achieve this task on how to view all your activity log on Facebook.


Login into your Facebook account, if you do not have a Facebook account follow this link to create an account and sign up
Go to your profile
Next click on View Activity Log and you  will be taking to your activity log

Some Of The Act You Can Perform In Your Activity Log

In this place you will be able to view all your post that exist in your timeline
You can also view post by others
Posts you have hidden
Access all your photos like Photos of you, your photos
View all your likes
View all your comments
You can also manage your mobile app activity

Note: You can also search for any activity you want to access quickly by typing in the activity in the form provided and then click on the Activity Search icon and you will be taken to that activity if it exists in your profile.
I know that these tutor have been of good use to you on how to view your Facebook activity log, stay tuned for more updates 

Some many people has fall victim of their Facebook account been hacked by an unknown person and this has kept some people worried because that can be use against them,either in criminal act and other issues which seems to be personal to them.By hacking into some ones Facebook account that means someone else has gain total access to the account and this is very dangerous for crime detection and other related issues.

In this tutorial we are taking tour to three securities control over your Facebook account:

  • ·         Enable login notification.
  • ·         Always check your active sessions.
  • ·         Enable secure browsing.
Enabling Login Notification

With this feature set you get notification on your cell phone as message whenever some try to gain access into your Facebook account. Below are the steps involved to set the feature up.

Steps to set Facebook login notification

  • ·         Go to home.
  • ·         Follow by going to Account Settings.
  • ·         Click on security.
  • ·         Next click on login notification.
  • ·         Then check mark your preferred options and click on save button.

Always check your active sessions

Always check your active sessions,if you notice any unfamiliar location or device,it means your Facebook account is at risk.Just click on End Activity and do not forget to change your password after that.Below are the steps to carry out this act.

Steps to check your active sessions

  • ·         Go to home.
  • ·         Click on Account Settings.
  • ·         Next is by clicking on security.
  • ·         Then click on active sessions and do the necessary set up.

Enabling secure browsing

Enable secure browsing to enable your account more secure. To do this follow the below steps.

Steps to enable secure browsing

  • ·         Go to home.
  • ·         Click on Account Settings.
  • ·         Next click on security.
  • ·         And lastly click on secure browsing and carry out your settings.

To create WhatsApp with WA Prime is an easy task just follow the below procedure to carry it out 


>> Before starting to carry out the task make sure you uninstall the official WhatsApp from your enabled device
>> Search the web to download and install WhatsApp (WA) prime Apk
>> Note you must be an Admin to be able to access the Admin features, so make sure you are an Admin
>> Launch and login with your WhatsApp Account into the WA Prime App and select your region and other info required.
>> Proceed by clicking on the group you wish to create invitation link for, and then click on + (Add Member) option.
>> You will be prompted to  “Invite to Group via Link” then click on it and copy the link that pop-up. That just the trick, now can invite members

How to create Latest GB WhatsApp Mod Group Invite Link

>> Search the web to download and install the GB WhatsApp Apk free version
>> Launch the downloaded GB WhatsApp and enter your phone number you used in creating your account and wait for number auto verification.
>> You will be provided with an option to backup or you can skip the option pending on your taste
>> Proceed by clicking on the group you wish to get the invitation link or create new group if you may decide to do so.
>> Next, proceed by clicking on Menu icon and you will be prompted with Group Info click on it to proceed.
>> Carryon be clicking on the + button and click on “Invite Group via Link’
After all these steps the group invitation link will be generated successfully, copy and share with pals and carry out other acts that may interest you.

Invitation link for WhatsApp Group has been existing for a while now, it was one of the rank version known as GBwhatsapp mod. As the case may be, we are waiting for the Group link feature to be embedded on official latest Whatsapp apps for iOS devices like ipad, Androidand PC, Macintosh,Linux etc. Meanwhile, as we are looking forward for the official released, let us continue with the available alternative.

The Group invite link is mostly effective for mass invitation to any  created Whatsapp group, like group for chatting with pals, family members or for online networking business on social media chat platform for enquiry and guidelines.

As a group Admin that need to add members, instead of manually adding each member one after the other, WhatsApp has made it so easy that you don’t need to stress yourself anymore, all you have to do, is just to send them the group link and they will be added automatically to your group.

For the effectively usability of these feature you can add anybody whether you know them or not, what matter most is that the person you are adding has a WhatsApp enabled device. For effective publicity of your group chat, kindly share the link to different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media of your choice.

The advantages of the latest WhatsApp Group Link invitation are given below:

    Anybody can join your WhatsApp Group Link invitation by simply clicking from any WhatsApp enabled device as far as they are connected to the internet.
Once the link has been shared to any of the social media mention earlier, each member can join without confirmation from the Admin
    Admin can also remove or block unwanted member from the group which he/she has been invited to.
This has saved you some stress, you can add any member without even having their contact on your device
  You can also make any of the invited member as an Admin pending on you.
   You can at least 256 members to your group free of charge and without stress.

Having known the basic features of the WhatsApp invitation link, kindly follow the steps to create your Invitation Link

Requirements For Effective WhatsApp Link Invitation to a Group Creation

>> Download the WhatsApp App from Google Play store for Android Users and for iOS users, and install.
>> You must be the group Admin for you to be able to create the invitation link.


>> Login into your WhatsApp Account and create a New Group of your choice with any suitable name.
>> Proceed by clicking on Group info >> continue by Adding Participant >> and then, click on “Invite to group via link” in order to create the link.
>> After the Link most have been created, you can go ahead by sharing the link to different media in order to attract new members.